My Other Projects

B.C. Glass Studio

 B.C. Glass Studio of Fine Art 

Custom Made Hand Crafted Glass Art. 

We met Les Paul and He invited Us up to His Hotel Room at The Milwaukee Athletic Club to talk about building a Glass Guitar. Then he autographed 3 B.C. Glass Studio Display Glass Guitars. This was the moment Les told Brian to build one that plays. After that, Brian was on a mission to build a great sounding all glass guitar, with exceptions for the hardware. After about 700 hours of toiling away, he finished creating the 1st playable glass guitar in the world. 


Brian Chivers (262) 364-6679

The Unheard Of

 The Unheard Of is back at the race track in Union Grove, WI. ( Great Lakes Drag Away has asked Us back to play another show. So come on down and see some drag racing and have some good food and drink and meet and see the band perform all your favorites and we have new material We will be playing as well. It should be a great time for all, bring the whole family for this one, it's an all ages event, sure to please everyone, young and elder's alike. Caution: It's loud and smells like burning rubber and top fuel, but who doesn't like that huh? Event is on June 3rd, 2017. Band goes on at 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm. The gate opens at 9:00 am, track/park closes at 10:00 pm. 

Living Several Deaths

 Living Several Deaths 

Original Music / No Cover Songs: 3pc Melodic, Hard Rock/Metal:
Guitars & Vocals - Angelo d'Morte
Drums - Damien Christ
Bass - Dr. Helmut Uri Von Schteppladder
Comprised of long time Wisconsin musicians,
Living Several Deaths are actively gigging around Wisconsin and Illinois
promoting their brand of original music. The band is always looking for
more opportunities to perform and network with other bands.
Armed with a great disc and songs on-line for you to listen to or buy.
This band is going to be enjoyed by many and around for a long long time. 

Avant Garde Web Creations

Avant Garde Web Creations

Web Design | Photography | Graphic Design | Audio/Video Production | Tricks of the trade.  

 WEB SITES THAT WORK! No matter how wonderful a site looks, if it isn't easy to navigate and fast loading you will lose your audience fast! Franky Layne Productions creates sites that look good and perform across all platforms. All sites are custom programed to fit your needs and are built for great Search Engine Optimization ensuring you reach your audience. 

Franky Layne Productions

Welcome To Frank Layne Productions.

 Web Design | Photography | Graphic Design | Audio/Video Production | Tricks of the trade... Are you ready to bring your ideas to life? To create the business you have always wanted, while looking incredible and attracting people like crazy? I bring your ideas to life by helping you create a business and website that attracts. I work on your project by defining what makes your business unique, Making you stand out from everyone else. I design a personalized and highly-customized website & email that reflect your brand and build your credibility, While making you look great I help you build trust and attract new amazing clients.